We are an XR + Creative studio based in Brooklyn, New York.

Future Tradition in Times Square

Future Tradition is an effort by Pulitzer-prize winning composer, Du Yun that envisions the creation of an open connection and in-depth dialogue platform for world culture. Since 2017, she has actively led a team of artists, scholars, documentary filmmakers to make new works integrating the studied folk styles. We art directed key art visuals for this initiative and produced video featuring artists and schools across Pakistan, Tibet and China for 13 billboard screens in Times Square, New York City.

Client Du Yun
Role Director & Production

Motion Graphics

Beijing Foundation

December 2019

Museum of Plastic at Miami Art Basel

The Museum of Plastic project was formed by ocean conservacy Lonely Whale to raise awareness around toward the detrimental effects of manmade pollution on our oceans and marine life. At the Miami Art Basel launch, Spa Theory created a 40’ LED installation that simulated an aquarium wall- one that portrays the potential fates of Earth if we do not collectively change our paths towards a more sustainable, plastic-free future.

Client Lonely Whale
Role Art Direction

Motion Graphics

Young Hero

December 2019

SEX + TECH at Posture Live

PostureLive is an educational and community event series produced by Posture Media, a LGBTQ+ owned and operated agency. For their 'SEX + TECH' installment we curated VR and produced a custom AR 'Bodily Fluids' Cam Booth. For many attendees, this was their first time interacting in virtual space, and many were captivated by the meditative mind/body experience of Cosmic Sugar

In the augmented reality piece, 'Bodily Fluids', attendees were invited to interact with liquid visuals in a private cam booth. Setting the mood with sensual ASMR sounds, guests were able to enjoy and play shamelessly. 

Client Posture Media
Role XR Curator + Artist

Augmented Reality

Co-produced by
Founder's Lab

November 2019


Live Visuals at MoMA PS1

Over the past few years we've had the pleasure of creating live visuals with artists and musicians performing at MoMA PS1- one of the largest art institutions in the U.S. dedicated solely to contemporary art, with an adjunct 70' multimedia performance space. We've wrapped the 360 dome in generative art, live feeds and recorded for VR projects.

Client Artist Collaborations
Role Live Visuals + Technology

Live Visuals
Live Video Streaming

It’s Get Better III, 2016
Spring Performance Festival, 2018

Endless Kindness MR Experience

Enter the Macy Rodman Multiverse through browser-based virtual reality. Part immersive music video, part commentary on our consumption of social media personalities, “Endless Kindness” is a collaboration with the Brooklyn-based artist that explores the relationship between fan and idol. The player’s gaze controls the trajectory of their experience through three distinct virtual planes.


Client Macy Rodman
Role Director + Producer

360 Video
Browser-based VR (with progressive enhancement for headset use)
Online Networked Experience

Forthcoming, online and in select NYC venues


Angel's Bone Film 

An operatic short film by directed for New York and Shanghai-based composer Du Yun’s 2017 Pulitzer-winning opera Angel’s Bone, with libretto by Royce Vavrek.

The short film approaches the themes of the original opera with a psychological, inward lens, separate and in parallel with the original opera, described by the Pulitzer jury as a bold work “that integrates vocal and instrumental elements and a wide range of styles into a harrowing allegory for human trafficking in the modern world.”

The film premiered on I Care if You Listen in January 2018, and stills of the film were shown at the Shenzhen Architecture Biennale.

Client Du Yun
Role Director & Production


Motion Graphics

Co-produced by
National Sawdust
Trinity Church Wall Street

National Sawdust in January 2018

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Does technology have to be dystopian?We don’t think so.
We believe creative tech can empower human agency. 

Our studio draws inspiration from arts, music and culture in New York City and abroad. Reach out if you'd like to discuss how we can collaborate with your film, production or company to create XR experiences for audience engagements that bridge physical and virtual space.





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