We are an XR + Creative studio based in Brooklyn, New York.

Endless Kindness

Client Macy Rodman
Role Director

360 Video
Browser-based VR (with progressive enhancement for headset use)
Online networked experience

Forthcoming, online and in select NYC venues, October 2019

Enter the Macy Rodman Multiverse through browser-based virtual reality. Part immersive music video, part commentary on our consumption of social media personalities, “Endless Kindness” is a collaboration with the Brooklyn-based artist that explores the relationship between fan and idol. The player’s gaze controls the trajectory of their experience through three distinct virtual planes.


Angel's Bone

An operatic short film by directed for New York and Shanghai-based composer Du Yun’s 2017 Pulitzer-winning opera Angel’s Bone, with libretto by Royce Vavrek.

The short film approaches the themes of the original opera with a psychological, inward lens, separate and in parallel with the original opera, described by the Pulitzer jury as a bold work “that integrates vocal and instrumental elements and a wide range of styles into a harrowing allegory for human trafficking in the modern world.”

The film premiered on I Care if You Listen in January 2018, and stills of the film were shown at the Shenzhen Architecture Biennale.

Client Du Yun
Role Director


Motion Graphics

Co-produced by
National Sawdust
Trinity Church Wall Street

by National Sawdust in January 2018


Live Visuals at MoMA PS1

Live visual collaborations with artists performing at MoMA PS1.

Client Artist Collaborations
Role Live Visuals + Technology

Live Visuals
Live Video Streaming

It’s Get Better III, 2016
Spring Performance Festival, 2018


Creative Direction + Strategy
Audience Engagement
Digital Campaigns
Experience Design
360 Video
Browser-based VR
Live Visuals

Our studio draws inspiration from arts, music and culture in New York City and abroad.

Reach out if you'd like to discuss how we can collaborate with your film, production or company to create XR experiences for audience engagements that bridge physical and virtual space.


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